Massage & Bodywork

Massage is for EVERY body!

Do you experience pain, tension or tight muscles? Are you feeling stressed, fatigued or overwhelmed? Or do you simply want to relax and pamper yourself? Let Jennifer share her 25 years of professional therapeutic massage experience with you.

Experiencing vitality, balance, and better health are gifts available to us all. Jennifer is dedicated to sharing these gifts with you. She uses safe and effective therapies of honored cultures to ease your stress, tension, and pain and assist you in creating balance in your life.

Treatments are designed to help you take the necessary time to relax, center yourself, and receive the healing, rest, and nurturing you deserve.

Massage & Bodywork

Custom massages are designed using a variety of techniques specific to your health concerns.

Swedish: A soothing massage using long, flowing and kneading strokes to ease body and mind tensions and cultivate deep relaxation and well-being. Increases circulation and muscle tone.

Deep Tissue: An intensive therapeutic massage which combines deeper Swedish, Myofascial and Neuromuscular (trigger point) techniques to rebalance the body. Tension in the deeper muscle layers is released to reduce pain and soreness. Improve circulation, eliminates adhesions and metabolic waste in muscle tissue.

Medical: Focuses on the neuromuscular components of pain by finding their origins and performing soft tissue work to release imbalanced muscles and connective tissue. Postural evaluation, trigger point, Myofascial and specific techniques are utilized on the affected areas and nervous system so the body can return to its normal integrity.

Sports & Therapeutic Stretching: An invigorating massage used to enhance athletic performance, reduce injuries and improve recovery rate. Passive and active assisted stretching techniques are incorporated to increase range-of-motion. This type of massage is excellent when preparing for a sports activity or after a strenuous workout. May be performed fully clothed.

Geriatric Massage: Specialized massage techniques are utilized to nurture and provide well-being. Skin integrity, muscle tone and circulation are improved. Range-of-motion, balance and energy are increased.

Shiatsu: An ancient Japanese healing art that promotes relaxation and well-being. Gentle pressure and stretching is applied to the meridians and acupressure points to facilitate the natural healing ability of the body, mind and spirit. May be performed fully clothed.

Reiki: The Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy. Gentle hand positions bring you into a deep state of tranquility. Reiki promotes healing by transferring electro-magnetic energy. Releases stress in the body, mind and spirit. May be performed fully clothed.

Reflexology: All parts of the body are mirrored in the hands and feet. Through pressure applied to the reflex points, stagnant energy is released. Reflexology improves circulation, elimination, and function of the nerves, glands, and organs. Promotes balance and relaxation. May be performed fully clothed.

Activity Specific: A combination of Deep Tissue, Medical, Sports and Therapeutic Stretching techniques are used to enhance your performance by increasing range-of-motion and circulation, improving posture and alignment and increasing body awareness. Prevent repetitive strain injuries, muscle pulls, sprains and strains. Promotes the body’s healing response to injuries. Treatments are customized to your specific sport. Great for golf, tennis, yoga, hiking, running, biking, skiing, boarding, etc!

Prenatal Massage: A nurturing and soothing massage specifically designed for the special needs of expectant mothers. Helps prepare and cope with the unique demands of carrying and delivering a baby. All-natural safe method of pain relief, relaxation and stress reduction. Increases circulation and oxygen to the mother and baby and decreases tension on weight bearing joints. Reduces swelling of the hands and feet. Relieves lower back, hip, neck and shoulder tension and pain. Not recommended during the first trimester. While a physician’s prescription is not required, women are encouraged to obtain their physician’s approval.

Post-Partum Massage: Having a baby is an athletic event. Labor is hard work. Even the most physically fit mother will find that a good massage is more than welcomed. Postpartum massage will encourage your body’s return trip to its pre-pregnant condition and restore muscle tone. Massage will relieve muscle soreness, aches and pains and alleviate discomfort from a Caesarean section while reducing the stress and strain of caring for your newborn. While a physician’s prescription is not required, women are encouraged to obtain their physician’s approval.

Massage on the Go: Pressed for time? Want to offer massage to a small group of friends, family or colleagues? Try a relaxing chair massage. Areas of pain and tension are targeted to ensure your deep relaxation, rejuvenation and well-being. 15 – 30 minute sessions are performed fully clothed. Chair massage is perfect for massage and well-being parties and corporate wellness and productivity programs.

Enhancements: Aromatherapy is the art and science of essential oils. Delight the senses with essential oils that uplift the body and mind. Custom blended to complement your massage.

Personalized Massage Workshops:

Massage for Couples: Offering massage is truly a gift of the heart. Both you and your partner will learn how to share massage with each other in your own private 3.5 hour massage clinic. Experience and learn basic massage techniques for relaxation and healing, the use and application of oils and creams and the do’s and don’ts of massage to ensure safety and comfort. Jennifer will provide all supplies, equipment and handouts. Please wear bathing suits or similar for your privacy.

The Art of Self-Massage: Did you know that besides feeling good, massage therapy helps diminish or eliminate some of the effects of aging? Massage can increase blood circulation, combat depression, improve balance and flexibility, reduce the pain of arthritis, increase joint mobility, promote better sleep, improve posture and encourage overall well-being.

This course will teach you simple and easy-to-learn massage techniques that you can perform on yourself. You will learn acupressure points and massage techniques that will bring you comfort, improve your health and enhance your quality of life. We will discuss and learn how massage therapy can help relieve the symptoms of common ailments such as sinus congestion, headaches, general aches and pains, digestion and elimination problems, and low energy and stress. Jennifer will provide all supplies and handouts.

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